• ZLED7000-ZI1R

    ZLED7000-ZI1R ZMDI

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    The ZLED7000-ZI1R is a LED Driver IC for illuminated LED signs and other displays. It is an inductive step-down converter that is optimal for driving a single LED or multiple LEDs (connected in series) from a voltage source greater than the voltage rating of the LED. The ZLED7000 operates in continuous mode. Capable of operating efficiently with voltage supplies ranging from 6 to 40VDC, it is ideal for low-voltage lighting applications. The ZLED7000 minimizes current consumption by remaining in a low-current standby mode (output is off) until a voltage of >=0.3V is applied to the ADJ pin. In operating mode, the ZLED7000 can source LEDs with an output current of <=750mA (<=30W of output power) that is externally adjustable. The ZLED7000 is integrated output switch and high-side current sensing circuit use an external resistor to adjust the average output current.

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